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Airport Cars

  • Saloon - x 3 x 3 x 0 Ideal for up to 3 passengers travelling with 3 x 23 kg's suitcases or 4 passengers with handbag only.

  • Estate - x 4 x 4 x 0 Ideal for up to 4 passengers travelling with 4 x 23 kg's suitcases.

  • Executive Car - x 3 x 2 x 1 Ideal for up to 3 passengers travelling with 2 x 20 kg's suitcases and 2 handbags.

  • People Carrier - x 4 x 5 x 0 Ideal for up to 4 passengers travelling with 5 x 23 kg's suitcases or 5 passengers travelling with 3 x 20 kg's suitcases or 6 passengers with hand luggage only.

  • 8 Seater - x 8 x 8 x 0 Ideal for up to 8 passengers travelling with max of 8 x 23 kg's suitcases only regardless of passenger count.

  • Coach - x 70 x 0 x 0 - Please email us your requirement for the quote.

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Harwich Ferry Port Minicab Transfers Service

Harwich Ferry Port

Jewels Airport Transfers Services offers ranges of vehicles for car hire services and minicab services from and to the Harwich Ferry Port. It is an airport and seaport services company providing ranges of vehicles to choose from to have an exciting journey in and around the cities of UK. Book online to travel in your desired vehicles through our online portal.

The online Harwich port ferry is easily accessible and takes less time to complete a booking. The clients can contact our customer care agents over calls and also book the vehicles. The agents are reachable in our call centers 24/7. We send you the confirmations through mails once the bookings are done.

The Harwich ferry port postcode driver contact details are also send through another mail followed by the confirmations. Harwich port minicab the end of every journey the journey receipts are also mailed to the concerned mail id that helps the clients to make a note of the travel expenses for further requirements. All major debit and credit cards address Harwich ferry port are accepted to remit the payment.

Vehicles to Choose from:

All Harwich ferry port address clients expect the vehicles to be clean and comfortable to travel in. Jewels Airport serves the best with comfortable, hygienically clean, and air-conditioned vehicles.

Saloon/Sedan- If you are planning for a short holiday trip with your family and kids or travelling individually for a business trip to UK, Saloon/Sedan cars can give the best journey experience economically as well. It ferries from Harwich accommodates up to 4 passengers travelling with 2 suitcases (23 kg’s maximum) and 2 handbags.

Executive/Luxury – Executive/Luxury cars always uplifts the status quo in your journey. These cars are suitable for going to any grand events or high class meeting individually with couple of passengers. Harwich ferry postcode Ideal for up to 3 passengers travelling with 2 suitcases (20 kg's) and 2 handbags.

Estate/Wagon- Visit the beautiful places of UK, spending more time in the cities with your family and kids or even enjoy your own time individually with the Estate/Wagon cars. These cars are spacious enough to keep a huge luggage and free to travel longer. Ideal Harwich ferry address for up to 4 passengers travelling with 4 suitcases (23 kg's maximum) or hand luggage only.

People Carrier- The people carriers are vehicles that can fit in extra passengers and are more spacious when compared to the Saloon/Sedan cars. The passengers can travel comfortable without squeezing each other in this vehicle. People ferry in Harwich carrier can accommodate to 5 passengers travelling with 5 medium size suitcases (20 kg’s maximum) or 6 passengers with hand luggage only.

Minivan/8 Seater- The Harwich passenger ferry minivans are small vans which can accommodate 8 passengers at a time and are more convenient for a family trip or a trip with your set of close friends. Enjoy travelling to beautiful adventurous spots and sight-seeing places in Minivan. Ideal for up to 8 passengers travelling with 8 suitcases (20 kg’s maximum) or 6 passengers with 8 (23 kg’s maximum) suitcases.

Minibus/12-16 Seater- The minibus can accommodate more than the minivans and are suitable for a single day trip in the cities of UK. Ferry services from Harwich you are planning a trip with a huge family or your friends’ gang to visit the zoos, parks, museums, theatres and many more then you can choose the minibus for a comfortable journey. It is ideal for up to 12 passengers travelling with 10-12 (23 kg’s maximum) suitcases or 16 passengers with hand luggage only.

Coaches- Coaches are the large buses that can accommodate a huge set of passengers at once. Enjoy the togetherness in travel while travelling long in the cities of UK. The coaches are suitable for taking guest for wedding, school, college trips, or even corporate trips. Email your requirement with us and we will come back to you.


Harwich Ferry Port is located on the south banks of River Stour, one mile upstream from the town of Harwich. (Address: Station Rd, Parkeston, Harwich CO12 4SR, UK) Popularly known as the Harwich International port is a North Sea seaport in Essex, England. It is one the Havens Port formerly known as Parkeston Quay. This port is one of UK’s leading multipurpose freight and passenger’s port with approximately one million passengers passing through the terminal every year. Harwich port is around 90 miles from the center of London. Stansted Airport is the closest Airport located from the port. To start from the north in motor ways follow the A14, A12, and A120 signs to reach the port. Also from M25, leave at junction 28 and follow A12 to reach the port.


Places to Stay

1. The Alma Inn & Dining Rooms, 25 King's Head St, Harwich CO12 3EE, UK. Phone: +44 1255 318681.

2. The Pier Hotel, The Quay, Harwich CO12 3HH, UK. Phone: +44 1255 241212.

3. The Tower Hotel, Main Rd, Harwich CO12 3PJ, UK. Phone: +44 1255 504952.

4. The Bottle Kiln, 60 Kingsway, Harwich CO12 3JR, UK, Phone: +44 1255 388439.

5. Goodlife Guest House, 162 High St, Harwich CO12 3AT, UK, Phone: +44 1255 556565.

Places to Eat

1. The New Bell Inn, Outpart Eastward, Harwich CO12 3EN, United Kingdom. Phone: +44 1255 503545.

2. The Hanover Inn, 65 Church St, Harwich CO12 3DR, UK. Phone: +44 1255 502927.

3. Treo, 17 George St, Harwich CO12 3ND, UK, Phone: +44 1255 240004.

4. The Crown Post, 57 Church St, Harwich CO12 3DS, UK. Phone: +44 1255 553131.

5. The Fish House, 180 High St, Harwich CO12 3AP, UK. Phone: +44 1255 317426.

Things to do

1. Harwich Redoubt, Main Road, Harwich CO12 3LT, United Kingdom. Phone: +44 1255 553610.

2. Landguard Fort, View Point Rd, Felixstowe IP11 3TW, UK, Phone: +44 370 333 1181.

3. Stour Estuary RSPB reserve, Wrabness Rd, Harwich CO12 5ND, UK. Phone: +44 1206 391153.

4. Seal watching Harwich, 1 The Quay, Harwich CO12 3HH, United Kingdom. Phone: +44 1728 666329.

5. Birch Hall Adventures, Hillcrest, Kirby le Soken, Thorpe-le-Soken, Frinton-on-Sea CO13 0EL, UK. Phone: +44 1255 862330.


Jewels Airport Transfers
Jewels Airport Transfers