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Gatwick Airport Taxi to & from Newhaven

Gatwick Airport to Newhaven taxi and Newhaven to London Gatwick Airport taxi service (all terminals) or to any other UK airport is provided by Jewels Airport Transfers. You can directly book a taxi from Gatwick to Newhaven or from to Gatwick with us, and we specialise in all varieties of taxies and make sure to help out our clients in all the UK airports for all 24 hours of the day, and 365 days of the year.

Booking and quoting process at Jewels Airport Transfers

We are here to help you with the service of Gatwick Airport to Newhaven. Once you visit our site, you can get the instant quote online, where you have to enter the name of the airport or the postcode in the pickup location box and drop off location box. This option is available on the top part of all the pages after you have completed all the fields, you can click instantly on the quote me or book now. Now, you can visit the next page where you can mention the type of vehicle you want to book; you even need to mention whether you need a single service Gatwick Airport to Newhaven or you have to choose the return travelling option from Newhaven to Gatwick Airport.

Provisions given by Jewels Airport Transfers

Jewels Airport Transfers provide a service outdo in all genres as well as means of transportation, we provide services like single and to and from transportation options from the Gatwick airport, and you can choose any of the options as per your convenience. The taxis we have are in the best of state always and are licensed; the vehicles are driven by the experienced and the expert drivers, who are well acquainted with all the major as well as minor routes of Newhaven. We Jewels Airport Transfers help you reach from Gatwick Airport to Newhaven and make your journey comfortable.

We have in possession the optional Meet and Greet provision, by this we will let you find the driver at the airport soon you land, and he will be holding a card or board in hand mentioning your name. We use tools in order to keep track of the innumerable flights; it helps us to know when you will be at the airport and arrange the taxi accordingly. We at Jewels Airport Transfers  offer credit account provision explicitly for our business clients, and this proviso is for regular flyers, school, colleges, businesses, and travel agents subject to credit reference check, by this we will get to be acquainted with all details of background of traveler and it will assist in understanding the authenticity of our customer. In this way, we work determinedly in forming the new accounts and do our best in upholding the existing accounts also; we accept all major credit and debit cards.


Overview of Newhaven

The distance from Gatwick airport to Newhaven when you are travelling via A23 is 40 miles and the time taken to cover this route is about 47 minutes. If you are travelling via A275, then it is 33 miles and time taken would be 1 hours 1 minutes, and if you are travelling via A22 and A26, then it is 40 miles and time taken will be 1 hours 10 minutes. Though, the time can differ, as it ultimately depends on the weather as well as nature of traffic.

Newhaven is a fantastic place to enjoy your vacation as it presents the array of activities. This place has a status as a grimy port, and you will get to know about this place slowly after you give your little time to explore this beautiful place. Since 1851 there is a regular sea route to France from Newhaven, and you can also enjoy a civilised crossing to Dieppe, eat fantastic dinner at one of the seafood restaurants which is surrounded the port.