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Airport Cars

  • Saloon

    Saloon - x 4 x 3 x 0 Ideal for up to 3 passengers travelling with 3 x 23 kg's suitcases or 4 passengers with handbag only.

  • Estate

    Estate - x 4 x 4 x 0 Ideal for up to 4 passengers travelling with 4 x 23 kg's suitcases.

  • Executive Car

    Executive Car - x 3 x 2 x 1 Ideal for up to 3 passengers travelling with 2 x 20 kg's suitcases and 2 handbags.

  • People Carrier

    People Carrier - x 5 x 3 x 0 Ideal for up to 4 passengers travelling with 5 x 23 kg's suitcases or 5 passengers travelling with 3 x 20 kg's suitcases or 6 passengers with hand luggage only.

  • 8 Seater

    8 Seater - x 8 x 8 x 0 Ideal for up to 8 passengers travelling with max of 8 x 23 kg's suitcases only regardless of passenger count.

  • Coach

    Coach - x 70 x 0 x 0 - Please email us your requirement for the quote.

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  • Free One Hour Waiting
  • 24/7 Service Available
  • Discounted Price on Return

Larne Ferry Port Minicab Transfers Service

Jewels Airport Transfers Services

When in UK, it’s time to enjoy with your family and friends or complete the professional trips perfectly. Jewels Airport Transfers Services offers the best ranges of vehicles to travel in and around the cities of UK. It is an airport and seaport services company, providing the finest car hire services and minicab services from and to the Larne Ferry Port to any UK airport. Book online the vehicle you fancy from our online portal. The online portal is handy to use, and can book the vehicles from anywhere at any time. You can also book the desired vehicles by contacting our customer care agents. Reach them through calls to the call centers 24/7. We respond to every booking rapidly with the confirmation mails sent to the respective mails followed by the driver contact details. The journey receipts are also sent as mails at the end of every journey for clear documentation of the payment.

We provide the optimal meet and greet facility in the transport services. Avail our meet and greet facilities where our drivers meet the clients at the arrival hall and greet them with the passenger’s name board or the company’s name board. Let the feedbacks pave way to the development in the quality of the services and standards of the company. These feedbacks are generally collected at the end of every journey to obtain the true opinion of the passengers about the company. The drivers are well trained all the routes of UK and are professional in their driving skills. All major debit cards and credit cards are accepted.

Vehicles to Choose from:

The entire sets of vehicles are well equipped, hygienically clean, air-conditioned, and comfortable for the clients to travel with peace and ease.

Saloon/Sedan- Saloon/Sedan cars are compact and economically convenient for a family who has come to UK for a short holiday trip or for an individual on a business trip. Travel short in and around the cities of UK with moderate luggage and less in number of passengers. It accommodates up to 4 passengers travelling with 2 suitcases (23 kg’s maximum) and 2 handbags.

Executive/Luxury – Set up high standards as you travel in the Executive/Luxury cars. These cars are suitable for travelling to a grand function or to attend a high end meeting. The car is more comfortable and convenient to work even during the journey as it can accommodate very few passengers. Ideal for up to 3 passengers travelling with 2 suitcases (20 kg's) and 2 handbags.

Estate/Wagon- Explore the roads of UK with Estate/Wagon. These cars are perfect for a family or an individual planning to go for a long holiday trip carrying large luggage. They are more spacious for you and your kids to be more comfortable during the journey. Ideal for up to 4 passengers travelling with 4 suitcases (23 kg's maximum) or hand luggage only.

People Carrier- People carriers are more spacious and bigger than the Saloon/Sedan cars comparatively. If you are in a confusion of how to accommodate an extra person in the car, you don’t need to squeeze yourself or leave a person alone anywhere. People carrier can accommodate to 5 passengers travelling with 5 medium size suitcases (20 kg’s maximum) or 6 passengers with hand luggage only.

Minivan/8 Seater- When you plan a get together with your family members or friends after a long time, or want to explore the adventurous spots and sight-seeing places of UK, then choosing the Minivan can serve you the best journey experience. Ideal for up to 8 passengers travelling with 8 suitcases (20 kg’s maximum) or 6 passengers with 8 (23 kg’s maximum) suitcases.

Minibus/12-16 Seater- If you plan to go for a one day trip with your joint family or set of close friends and spend time in places like, parks, museums, monuments, or theatre then go for a minibus and make a memorable journey. It is ideal for up to 12 passengers travelling with 10-12 (23 kg’s maximum) suitcases or 16 passengers with hand luggage only.

Coaches- If you are anxious about how to travel in the cities of UK, managing a huge crowd, then take a coach and travel all together where ever you want. These coaches are large buses having more space to accommodate minimum of 16 passengers and get the feel of togetherness. Email your requirement with us and we will come back to you.


Located in the north east coast of Northern Islands, (Address: P&O European Ferries (Irish Sea) Ltd, Freight Terminal Larne, Redlands Estate, Coastguard Road, Larne, BT40 1AX) the Larne Ferry Port offers the shortest route across the Irish Sea and only ferry route from Larne daily crossing 7 sailings to Cairnryan in Scotland. The port is a deep water port that offers excellent passenger and freight facilities. This busy market town combines with an historical past with modern Larne port, shopping, and leisure facilities. The passenger terminal has a café providing the best ranges of freshly prepared meals and beverages for the passengers and shop selling newspapers, gifts and other amenities. The motor ways to reach the port are well maintained and one can take around 25minutes drive from the port to reach the North of Belfast. From Belfast take the M2 north and reach the port via A8 (M).


Places to Stay

1. The Harbour Inn, 25 Olderfleet Rd, Larne BT40 1AS, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 2400.

2. Derrin Guest House, 2 Princes Gardens, Larne BT40 1RQ, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 3269.

3. Humphrey's At Rathmore, 126 Glenarm Rd, Larne BT40 1DZ, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 6556.

4. Seaview Guest House, 154-156 Curran Rd, Larne BT40 1BX, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 2438.

5. Curran Court Hotel, 6 Redlands Rd, Larne BT40 1AX, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 5505.

Places to Eat

1. Brooklyn Bay Diner, 2, Port of Larne Retail Park, Redlands Rd, Larne BT40 1AX, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 3035.

2. Café Riva, 1 Redlands Rd, Larne BT40 1FD, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 9157.

3. Domino's Pizza – Larne, 3, Port Of Larne Retail & Leisure Park, Redlands Rd, Larne BT40 1AX, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 5555.

4. Subway Larne, 68 Main St, Larne BT40 1SP, UK. Phone: +44 28 2827 5539.

5. Billy Andys, 66 Browndod Road, Mounthill, Larne BT40 3DX, United Kingdom. Phone: +44 28 2827 0648.

Things to do

1. The Gobbinst, 77-83 Gobbins Rd, Larne BT40 3TB, UK.

2. Carnfunnock Country Park, Coast Rd, Ballygalley, Larne BT40 2QZ, UK. Phone: +44 28 2826 2471.

3. Chaine Memorial, 28 Chaine Memorial Rd, Larne BT40 1AD, UK.

4. Larne Museum and Arts Centre, 2 Victoria Rd, Larne BT40 1RN, UK. Phone: +44 28 2826 2443.

5. Olderfleet Castle, ship St, Larne BT40 1AZ, UK.

Jewels Airport Transfers
Jewels Airport Transfers